Has your vision been damaged because of LASIK? Do you know someone whose vision has?

I am Morris Waxler, PhD. In 1998, I was the FDA''s chief scientist in charge of the clinical trials research for laser eye surgery, popularly known as LASIK. Based on my recommendation, the Food and Drug Administration approved LASIK. Millions of people worldwide have now had the surgery.

Unfortunately, for a substantial minority, the effects have been catastrophic. Patients report severe dry eyes, unrelenting pain, and problems with their vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Many of these patients complain about depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Patients with no mental health history have committed suicide.

This should not have happened. When I was the FDA''s chief scientist in charge of the evaluation of the clinical data submitted for the approval of LASIK devices, we did not have the means to monitor the truth or falsity of industry''s data. As such, we relied on industry to provide us with an honest accounting of all adverse events, including but not limited to complications and side-effects. Unfortunately industry provided a biased accounting of adverse events resulting in a rate of 1.0% rather than 20.0% at six months post-LASIK.

In January 2011, I petitioned the FDA to withdraw its approval "for all LASIK devices and to issue a public health advisory with a voluntary recall of LASIK devices in an effort to stop the epidemic of permanent eye injury cause by lasers and microkeratomes used for LASIK eye surgery." Thus far, the FDA has not been responsive to my request.

My belief is that the FDA would rather this situation "go away" than deal with it honestly. The FDA does not want to admit that millions of people have now had a surgery that never should have been approved by its own rules. The FDA is now engaged in covering-up a scandal and an epidemic, and its own corrupt practices. This should be exposed, and LASIK should end.

Morris Waxler, PhD

Are you a Doc?

Serious complications are occurring after LASIK, but neither prospective patients nor the public are being adequately informed. Criminal misconduct within the FDA is preventing the truth from becoming widely disseminated. It is for this reason, that I am making the appeal to all physicians, regardless of specialty, to independently examine the evidence that already exists against the LASIK industry, and to draw their own conclusions. Ophthalmologists and optometrists have contacted me privately regarding their concerns about what is happening within the LASIK industry, but they need the support of all physicians in order to confront what they see as collaborative criminal behavior on the part of both the FDA and the Titans of the LASIK industry. On behalf of patients everywhere, please educate yourself and review the evidence and links contained on this site. Express your support here for a full blown government investigation of the FDA. The integrity of medicine and its survival as a noble profession depend upon integrity in medical device and pharmaceutical research.

Had a Good Outcome?

We''re happy for you. No one should have to suffer with dry eyes and visual aberrations like double vision, glare, halos, starbursting, loss of contrast sensitivity, and more. But remember...just because you had a good result doesn''t mean you received informed consent. There is no informed consent for a medical coverup. No one knows the long-term effects of LASIK, and the industry and the FDA are already minimizing and hiding current problems.

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